Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Making an open source community growth

In order to remember and make some of my further reflections clearly needed to jot it down some hightlights from Diana Harrelson research in the Ruth Suehle's article

  • Language is a barrier and splits the community. Because of languages and cultural barriers someone feels excluded.
  • Disagreements over Desktops Enviroments.(i.e. KDE vs Gnome vs LXDE vs XFCE, etc.)
  • Users become a contributors
  • Make tools and procedures easier to contribute.
  • Designers prefers email over irc channels because of the time required and ease of send attachments, whereas packagers tende to prefer IRC for speed.
  • Learning for the joy of learning and collaboration with interesting and smart people are high motivations. Motivation for personal gain, like networking or career benefis were low.
  • Research ways to make becoming a contributor easier.
  • Look into ways to educate new contributors on contributing to open source projects
  • Investigate the effects on contributors
  • Examine further contributor motivations and how to better proveide these.
  • Consider the effects
  • Look in to special interest groups to combat cliques.
  • To find ways to unify the community behind one common definition
  • Gathering a community around a common idea and mission are critical to its success.

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